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Physics courses

This page contains links to undergraduate physics courses  on the following Engineering M.Sc. programs: D, IT, MED, MT, U, Y, Yi, and on the B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes in Physics and Nanoscience (FyN, MFYS), and on the International Master's Programme in Materials Science and Nanotechnology (MSN).

Course lists for different programmes are available below. In these course lists the course code is linked to the official study guide while the course name is linked to the examiner's course home page .

Director of studies is Magnus Boman
Administrative assistant is Lena Wide

Y- and Yi-programme

course list

Profiles for Y, Yi, within main subject area Applied Physics: 

Material and Nano Physics
Theory, modeling och visualization




Physics and Nanoscience

B.Sc. (FyN) and M.Sc. (MFYS) programmes

MSN Master programme (in English)

MSN Programme:

syllabus and curriculum.

The course home page of the examiner is linked to the course name in the
complete course list .

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