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Courses at Theoretical Physics

Undergraduate courses

Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, TFYA12 (Peter Münger)
Electromagnetic Field Theory, TFYA13 (Peter Münger)
Modern Physics II, TFYA74 (Rickard Armiento)
Principles of Physics and Introduction to Nanophysics, NFYA02 (Marcus Ekholm)     Mechanics (Marcus Ekholm)
Physics, TFYA68 (Weine Olovsson)
Mechanics II, TFYA55 (Magnus Johansson)

Advanced undergraduate courses (MSc level)

Analytical Mechanics, TFYA40 (Irina Yakimenko)
Quantum Dynamics, TFYA28 (Irina Yakimenko)
Classical Electrodynamics TFFY67 (Ferenc Tasnadi)
Mathematical Methods in Physics, TFYA18 (Irina Yakimenko)
Elementary Particle Physics, TFYA27 (Ferenc Tasnadi)
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, TFYA57 (Sergei Simak)
Chaos and Non-Linear Phenomena, TFYA36 (Magnus Johansson)
Cosmology, TFYA71   (Magnus Johansson)
Quantum Computers, TFYA19 (Irina Yakimenko)

Graduate courses

  1.  Electronic Structure Theory (7.5 hp), Igor Abrikosov
  2.  Quantum Mechanics I (7.5 hp), Irina Yakimenko
  3.  Quantum Mechanics II (7.5 hp), Irina Yakimenko
  4.  Solid-State Physics I  (7.5 hp), Sergei Simak
  5.  Solid-State Physics II  (7.5 hp), Sergei Simak
  6.  Statistical and Thermal Physics I (7.5 hp), Peter Münger
  7.  Statistical and Thermal Physics II (7.5 hp), Peter Münger

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