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Temperature dependent effective potential method for accurate free energy calculations of solids


Olle Hellman, Peter Steneteg, I. A. Abrikosov, and S. I. Simak

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 87 , 104111 (2013)

We have developed a thorough and accurate method of determining anharmonic free energies, the temperature dependent effective potential technique (TDEP). It is based on ab initio molecular dynamics followed by a mapping onto a model Hamiltonian that describes the lattice dynamics. The formalism and the numerical aspects of the technique are described in detail. A number of practical examples are given, and results are presented, which confirm the usefulness of TDEP within ab initio and classical molecular dynamics frameworks. In particular, we examine from first principles the behavior of force constants upon the dynamical stabilization of the body centered phase of Zr, and show that they become more localized. We also calculate the phase diagram for 4 He modeled with the Aziz et al. potential and obtain results which are in favorable agreement both with respect to experiment and established techniques.


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