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Retarded interactions in graphene systems

Bo E. Sernelius


Phys Rev B 85, 195427


We first demonstrated how two-dimensional sheets are incorporated in the formalism for planar structures. Then we derived the interaction in the geometry of two freestanding graphene sheets and of one graphene sheet above a substrate. Numerical results were produced for the fully retarded interaction at 0 K and at room temperature for undoped and doped graphene. Additional results were given both for a gold substrate and for an ideal metal substrate

We found that for two freestanding undoped graphene sheets the retardation effects are negligible. The same holds for an undoped graphene sheet above a gold substrate. However, for doped graphene sheets, two freestanding or one freestanding above a gold substrate, the retardation effects are bound to be important at large enough separations. However, at T = 300 K the retardation effects again go away.

Fig. The attractive retarded interaction energy as a function of separation, d, at room temperature between (a) two undoped graphene sheets and (b) two doped graphene sheets. The separate contributions from TM and TE modes are shown. The interaction energy between two ideal metal half spaces is also shown as a reference result.

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