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Non-perturbative theory of dispersion interactions

M Boström, P Thiyam, C Persson, D F Parsons, S Y Buhmann,I Brevik, and Bo E Sernelius

Phys. Scr. 90 (2015) 035405. Published 25 February 2015


Some open questions exist with fluctuation-induced forces between extended dipoles.

Conventional intuition derives from large-separation perturbative approximations to dispersion force theory. Here, we present a full non-perturbative theory. In addition, we discuss how one can take into account finite dipole size corrections. It is of fundamental value to investigate the limits of validity of the perturbative dispersion force theory.

We illustrate in Table 1 the dramatic effects the improvements have on the van der Waals binding energy and the dispersion self-energy for noble gas atoms.

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