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Magnetic Self-Organized Atomic Laminate from First Principles and Thin Film Synthesis


A. S. Ingason, A. Mockute, M. Dahlqvist, F. Magnus, S. Olafsson, U. B. Arnalds, B. Alling, I. A. Abrikosov, B. Hjörvarsson, P. O. Å . Persson, and J. Rosen

PRL 110, 195502 (2013)

The first experimental realization of a magnetic Mn+1AXn (MAX) phase, (Cr0.75 Mn0.25)2GeC , is presented, synthesized as a heteroepitaxial single crystal thin film, exhibiting excellent structural quality. This self-organized atomic laminate is based on the well-known Cr2GeC , with Mn, a new element in MAX phase research, substituting Cr. The compound was predicted using first-principles calculations, from which a variety of magnetic behavior is envisaged, depending on the Mn concentration and Cr = Mn atomic configuration within the sublattice. The analyzed thin films display a magnetic signal at room temperature.


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