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Travel Instruction

Dear Participants,

The Alloy conference in Sweden is approaching, and it is time for me to remind you about a necessity to take care of your travel. We will distribute the final program in a week or so.

In any case, we will open the meeting with lunch at 12 on June 17. The first talk is scheduled to 14.00 June 17, and the conference ends around 17.00 June 19. Please, book your tickets accordingly. Please, send us your travel information. The main international airport of Sweden, Stockholm/Arlanda is just 15 min from the conference center (by taxi). There is a fixed price with Taxi 020 of 270 SEK. More information about directions to Sigtunahöjden can be found at


If you plan to arrive earlier than June 17 and/or to leave later than June 19, we kindly ask you to make your own hotel reservation. To make a reservation at Sigtunahöjden , please, contact Sigtunahöjden Hotell & Konferens, Hertigvägen 7 Box 502, 193 25 Sigtuna, Sweden, Tel: (+46) 08-59257700, Fax: (+46) 08-59257757, E-mail: kontakt@sigtunahojden.se , www.sigtunahojden.se . However, we strongly recommend to booking a hotel in Stockholm. Please, let us know if you need any assistance. Another possibility is a hotel in Uppsala (Sigtunahöjden is located almost in between of these two towns) or Arlanda Radisson SAS hotel at the airport. Once again, please, let us know about your travel plans. We may think of arranging some joint transportation for participants.

Once again, I am looking forward to meeting all of you soon in Sweden!

Best regards,

Responsible for this page: Fei Wang

Last updated: 06/07/07