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Journal club on 10.04.2008

Papers under discussion

  • Coupling of spin and orbital motion of electrons in carbon nanotubes. Nature, 452:448
  • A laser frequency comb that enables radial velocity measurements with a precision of 1 cm/s. Nature 452:610
  • Possible half metallic antiferromagnet in a hole-doped perovskite cuprate predicted by first-principles calculations. PRL 100, 117203
  • Magnetic properties and stabillity of the L12 and B2 phases in the Co2MnAl Heusler alloy. R. Umetsu, K. Kobayashi et al. J. Appl. Phys., 103, 07D718 (2008).
  • First-principles theory of magnetically driven anomalous ordering in bcc Fe-cr alloys. A.V. Ruban, P.A. Korzhavyi, B. Johansson. Phys. Rew. B, 77 094436 (2008).
  • Coarse-grained density functional calculations theories for metallic alloys: generalized coherent-potential approximations and charge-excess functional theory. E. Bruno, F. Mammano et al. Phys. Rew. B, 77 155108 (2008).
  • Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 136406 (2008)
  • Phys. Rev.B 77, 155108 (2008)
  • Nature Mater., 7, 298 (2008)

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