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Journal club on 01.02.2008

Papers under discussion

  •  Unravelling the interplay of local structure and physical properties in phase-change materials. W. Welnic, A. Pamungkas, R. Detemple. Nature, Vol 5, Jan 2006, p 56-62.
  • Origin of the Optical Contrast in Phase-Change Materials. W. Welnic, S. Botti, L. Reining. PRL 98, 236403 (2007).
  • Application of Bond Constraint Theory to the Swichtable Optical Memory Material Ge2Sb2Te5. D. Baker, M. Paesler, G. Lucovsky. PRL 96, 255501 (2006).
  • Supercooled liquids and the glass transition. P. Debenedetti, F. Stillinger. Nature, Vol 410, Mar 2001, p. 259-267.
  • Monte Carlo and density functional theory analysis of the distribution of gold and palladium atoms on Au/Pd(111) alloys. J. Boscoboinik, C. Plaisance, M. Neurock. PRB 77, 045422 (2008).
  • Core-mantle boundary heat flow. T. Lay, J. Hernlund, B. Buffett. Nature geoscience, Vol 1, Jan 2008, p. 25.
  • Electrically driven phase transition in magnetite nanostructures. S. Lee, A. Fursina, J. Mayo. Nature materials, Vol 7, Feb 2007, p. 130.
  • Metadata management for distributed first principles calculations in VLab-A collaborative cyberin frastructure for materials computation. P. Silvera, C. Silva, R. Wentzcovitch. Computer Physics Communications, 178 (2008), p. 186-198.
  • Observation of Accelerating Airy Beams. G. Siviloglou, J. Broky, A. Dogariu. PRL 99, 213901 (2007).
  • Against the spread of the light. K. Dholakia. Nature, Vol 451, Jan 2008, p. 413.
  • A scalable parallel algorithm for large-scale reactive force-field molecular dynamics simulations. K. Nomura, R. Kalia, A. Nakano. Computer Physics Communications, 178 (2008) p. 73-87.
  • Crystal structures and mechanical properties of superhard BC2N and BC4N alloys: First-principles calculations. S. Chen, X. Gong. PRB 77, 014113 (2008).
  • Infared and Raman spectra of disordered materials from first principles. P. Umari, A. Pasquarello. Diamond & Related materials 14 (2005) 1255-1261.

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