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Mössbauer isomer shifts and the Fermi surface

PhD-student Marcus Ekholm, Dr. Ferenc Tasnadi, Prof. Igor Abrikosov

Mössbauer spectroscopy has long been a powerful technique to extract information about the local chemical environment in the solid state. With modern techniques for quantum-mechanical calculations, such microscopic properties can readily be studied even in cases when experimental data is missing and questions fundamental to our understanding about nature can be formulated and answered. One such issue is the relationship between the so-called Mössbauer isomer shift and topological changes in the Fermi surface. In this project, you will perform advanced electronic structure calculations for a selected set of Mössbauer active systems. You will learn how to use state-of-the-art computational methods and supercomputer resources. You will also become familiar with the techniques and concepts of computational materials science. Necessary prerequisites are undergraduate courses in Solid State Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

Contacts:    Prof.   Igor Abrikosov,   igor.abrikosov@ifm.liu.se

              PhD-student  Marcus Ekholm,   marekh@ifm.liu.se

              Dr.   Ferenc Tasnadi,   tasnadi@ifm.liu.se

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