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Dynamical stability of transition metals

Prof. I. A. Abrikosov, Dr. A. S. Mikhaylushkin

Within this project we will investigate fundamental interactions of electrons with vibrating atoms in transition metals as a function of occupation of d-shells. The obtained information is of crucial importance for the understanding of stability and bonding in solids. It is only recently, with the advent of powerful computers and novel methodologies for the solution of quantum mechanics equations, one can treat this problem without any a priory known experimental information. You will learn how to apply these techniques in your studies.

The project is devoted to analyses dynamical stability of elemental metals belonging to the 3-5 d-metal series by analyzing their phonon spectra and physical properties. You are expected to learn basic principles of quantum mechanics and statistics, as well as accumulate experience in the modern computational physics and state-of-the-art computational methods. The project is dealing with calculations of phonon spectra of transition metals and analyses of the dynamic and thermodynamic properties. By accumulating the information for all the transition metals, you will investigate the observed trends, and eventually contribute to a development of general theory of lattice stability and electron-phonon interactions. Investigations in this field, including our own research, give very high scientific impact.

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