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Diploma projects

Topics for new diploma projects

If you are interested in the diploma project, please contact the Project Leader for more information

Project Leader :  Igor Abrikosov

  1. First-principles simulations of materials for electro-acoustic sensors applications
  2. Dynamical stability of transition metals
  3. Theoretical study of semiconductor InxAl1-xN/GaN heterostructures

Project Leader :   Magnus Johansson

  1. Nonlinear dynamics and thermodynamics of classical anharmonic lattice models
  2. Solitons in nonlinear optics
  3. Bose-Einstein condensation of atoms in multi-well potentials
  4. Wave propagation in non-periodic media

Project Leader :   Irina Yakimenko and Karl-Fredrik Berggren

  1. Interaction of sublevels in wide quantum wires

Project Leader :   Ferenc Tasnádi

  1. Dielectric properties of low dimensional structures - piezoelectricity nanomaterials
  2. The physics of imperfections - vacancy cluster formation in alloys
  3. Mechanical properties of multicomponent superhard coatings

  4. Nanomaterials design in low dimensions - thermodynamics in multilayers

Project Leader :   Rickard Armiento

  1. Projects in Density Functional Theory, Functional Development
  2. Projects in applied high-throughput computation
  3. Other projects

Project Leader:   Davide Sangiovanni

  1. Diffusion coefficient of N interstitials in TiN calculated via classical molecular dynamics simulations

Project Leader:   Viktor Ivády

  1. Theoretical study of the substitutional Vanadium-Nitrogen vacancy complex in AlN

Project Leader:   Peter Steneteg

  1. Design and implementation of a interactive volumetric electronic charge density visualization

Project Leader:   Marcus Ekholm

  1. Mössbauer isomer shifts and the Fermi surface
  2. Local environment effects on hyperfine interactions in disordered transition metal systems

Project Leader: Tobias Hansson

  1. Modeling of optical microresonator frequency combs

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