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Anna Eklöf

Assistant professor

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I  am an ecologist with a special interest in theoretical ecology. I am fascinated by the diversity of life we see around us and how the intricate network of species interactions and abiotic factors acting together and form our ecosystems. My research interests are in analysis, modeling, and theory related to the structure, dynamics, and functioning of ecological networks. The goal with my research is to provide detailed understanding of the factors driving species interactions and thereby increase our knowledge about ecosystem functioning and how they respond to different kinds of disturbances, such as loss of biodiversity, habitat fragmentation and global warming.

I received my PhD in 2009 at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology at Linköping University in the PACE Lab, was a post doc 2010-2012 at the Department of Ecology and Evolution at University of Chicago, in the Allesina Lab, and rejoined Linköping University in 2012 as a post doc in the SPABIO Lab.


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