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Materials Modelling Laboratory

The goal of the recently opened Materials Modeling Laboratory in Hertz is to help scientists, both experimentalists and theoreticians, to access a set of advanced computational tools, which will allow them to study and predict properties of new materials based on principles of Quantum mechanics, and provide them with the proper expertise and advice.


The Lab aims at stimulating strategic fundamental research of the highest quality, first of all in such sub-areas of materials science as thin films, superhard and next-generation electronic materials.  

At the same time the Lab is directed towards the training of the future generations of innovative scientists by organizing courses in advanced calculations for students, postdocs and researchers.

The Lab is located in H305, Fysikhuset.

Check out the wiki for additional information https://wiki.ifm.liu.se/mml/materials_modeling_laboratory (you need an IFM network access to get there)

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Last updated: 10/15/13