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comp:000044517735:0000000033:0ed4 10 Upcoming events at Theory and Modelling

Program for Theory and Modeling Day 2008

Motala, December 18, 2008

08.30 departure from LiU (bus trip)

09.30-10.00 Cofee

10.00-10.15 Welcome and general information (e.g. SUHF model) (Igor Abrikosov)

10.15-10.30 News from NSC (e.g. new computer cluster) (Bengt Persson)

10.30-10.45 News from VR (e.g. forskningsproppen) (Sven Stafström)

10.45-11.30 "Symmetribrott i stort och smått: Nobelpriset i fysik 2008" (Magnus Johansson)

11.30-11.50 ” The Large Hadron Collider S34 Incident: how to break a 6 billion euro

                      experiment” (Peter Steneteg)

11.50 -12.00 Questions, comments, etc.

12.15-14.15 Christmas lunch         

14.30-15.30 Rundradiomuseet (with a guide)

15.45 departure to LiU (bus trip)

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