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  Patrick Norman
Room: F G412
Email: panor@ifm.liu.se
Phone: +46 13 281688


Our field of research concerns molecular properties, which describes the responses of molecular charges to internal and external fields. We develop models with varying degrees of sophistication in the framework of quantum chemistry, and implement these in the nonrelativistic DALTON program or the 4-component relativistic DIRAC  program. The former being based on the Schrödinger equation and the latter on the Dirac equation. Simulations are performed on molecular materials with the use of supercomputers such as the Linux cluster Triolith at  NSC, a leading Swedish HPC center for which Norman is the Director.

Network activities:

We are part of and co-organizing a European COST Action dedicated to the promotion of computational spectroscopy in molecular science. The CODECS network lists participation of some 30-40 prominent research groups from 18 European countries, lead by Prof. V. Barone.

Starting July 1, 2014, we will coordinate the KAW network Strong Field Physics and New States of Matter. The network will develop theory and simulation techniques in X-ray sciences for the benefit of activities at the up-coming MAX IV laboratory. The network comprises leading Swedish scientists in the field, located at LiU, KTH, SU, and UU.

Diploma Work:

We welcome interested students to do their diploma work with us.

Recent Publications:

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