Linköping University, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Theoretical Physics Group

Magnus Johansson, Ph.D., Professor, Theoretical Physics

Professor in theoretical physics
Dept. of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping
Physics Building, room G218
+46 - 13 - 28 12 27
+46 - 13 - 13 75 68

Research Projects:

Solitons and frequency combs in micro-resonators
(funded 2016-2019 by the European Commmison within the funding scheme MSCA-RISE - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE); coordinated by the University of Bath)

Undergraduate Teaching:
TFYA15 Models in Physics
TFYA36 Chaos and Non-Linear Phenomena
TFYA71 Cosmology
TFYA93 Engineering Mechanics
93FY61 Fysik (76-90hp), delkurs Relativitetsteori

Associate Editor for Physical Review E

SRL Workshops:
I. Linköping 6-7 August 2014;
II. Belgrade 28-29 August 2015;
III. Santiago 17-18 November 2016
IV. Linköping 23-24 August 2017

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Course web pages

Hemsida för TFYA15 Fysikaliska modeller (2020) (in Swedish)
Home Page for TFYA71 Cosmology (2019)
Hemsida för TFYA93 Mekanik för D2 (2019) (in Swedish)
Home Page for TFYA36 Chaos and Non-Linear Phenomena (2018)
Gammal hemsida för TFYA55 Mekanik, fördjupningskurs (HT2017) (in Swedish)
Gamla hemsidor (2003) för TFYY68 Mekanik för D2 (in Swedish)
Old homepage (2008) for TFYY57 Theory of Relativity
Old homepage (2012) for TFYA27 Elementary Particle Physics
Home Page for Study Group in Quantum Field Theory (PhD course 2013)

Teaching administration

Hemsida för IUAE-gruppen vid LiTH (in Swedish)
Nämnden för skolsamverkan (in Swedish)
Undergraduate teaching area Physics
Startsida för termin 2 på Informationsteknologiprogrammet (IT) (in Swedish)
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