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Per Persson


VR Special Researcher

SSF Infrastructure Fellow

Group Leader Electron Microscopy of Materials (EMM)

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Telephone: +46 (0)1328 1248

Mail: perpe at ifm.liu.se

I am the senior electron microscopy researcher at LiU and lead the Electron Microscopy of Materials group (EMM). My research is centered on the structure and chemistry of materials at atomic resolution, in particular at nanoscale structures such as nanocomposites, multilayers, quantum structures nanolaminated phases and 2D materials. The research is predominantly conducted by application of advanced electron microscopy to the materials, in particular I apply monochromated and aberration corrected (S)TEM in combination with EDX mapping and advanced EELS in the valence and core loss region to investigate chemistry and optical properties of materials.

Since 2009, I am appointed by the Swedish Research Council, VR as a Special Researcher in “Electron microscopy imaging and chemical analysis with atomic resolution in structural chemistry and  Nanoscience ”. Additionally, I am appointed Infrastructure Fellow by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF.

Through a generous donation by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation in 2009, I installed a double corrected FEI Titan3 60-300 at the end of 2011, exhibiting monochromator and XFEG as well as Super-X EDX detector and a Gatan Quantum ERS imaging filter. The installation was made in a dedicated environment, Ångströmhuset, separate from other buildings on campus. In the realization of this building, I represented the researcher community from LiU and outlined the specifications and utilization protocol for the building.

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