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Advanced Physical Applications I, Computational Physics


For Y5, 12 points / Y4, 6 points

The course serves as an introduction to modern computational methods currently used in solid state physics, chemistry, biology and materials science. The main objective of the course is to present the principles underlying classical and ab-initio Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics simulations. These methods are nowadays used extensively in the quest for new, man-made materials, in a wide range of industrial sectors (biotechnology, automotive, semiconductors, coatings).

Statistical & Quantum Mechanics, Solid State/Condensed Matter Physics, and computer literacy. Tthe emphasis will be on general algorithms, so no specific programming language is required or preferred.

The course follows the "Conceive Design Interact Operate (CDIO)" program at LiU and will use the project model "Linkoping Interactive Project Steering (LIPS)". Following a theoretical introduction to the computational methods, students will have to successfully complete a project related to materials science/thin films problems.

Course Literature:
Computer Simulation of Liquids, M.P. Allen & D. J. Tildesley, Oxford Science Publications (ISBN 0 - 19 - 855645 - 4).

Pass/Fail - based on completion of project work.
Language used in course is English

Examinator/Course responsible
Vio Chirita: Ph: +46-13-281289; Email: vio@ifm.liu.se

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