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Publications 1999 - 2000

Luminescence and microstructure of Er/O co-doped Si structures grown by MBE using Er and SiO evaporation

F. Duteil, C.-X. Du, K.B. Joelsson, P.O.A. Persson, L. Hultman, G. Pozina, W.-X. Ni, G.V. Hansson
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 3, p.523 (2000)

Light emitting SiGe/i-Si/Si:Er:O tunneling diodes prepared by molecular beam epitaxy

W.X. Ni, C.-X. Du, F. Duteil, G. Pozina, G.V. Hansson
Thin Solid Films 369, p.414 (2000)

Electroluminescence studies of Er and SiO co-doped Si layers prepared by molecular beam epitaxy

C.-X. Du, W.-X. Ni, K.B. Joelsson, F. Duteil, G.V. Hansson
Optical Materials 14, p.259 (2000)

Study of contact formation by high temperature deposition of Ni on SiC

K. Robbie, S.T. Jemander, N. Lin, C. Hallin, R. Erlandsson, G.V. Hansson, L.D. Madsen
Materials Science Forum 338-342, p.981 (2000)

Electronic structure of Sn/Si(111)√3x√3: Indications of a low-temperature phase

R.I.G. Uhrberg, H.M. Zhang, T. Balasubramanian, S.T. Jemander, N. Lin, G.V. Hansson
Physical Review B (Condensed Matter) 62, p.8082 (2000)

Determination of the Sn 4d line shape of the Sn/Ge(111)√3x√3 and 3x3 surfaces

R.I.G. Uhrberg, H.M. Zhang, T. Balasubramanian
Physical Review Letters 85, p.1036 (2000)

High resolution photoemission study of low-temperature oxidation on the Si(001) surface

H.W. Yeom, R.I.G. Uhrberg
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1 (Regular Papers, Short Notes & Review Papers) 39, p.4460 (2000)

Hydrogen-induced 3x1 phase of the Si-rich 3C-SiC(001) surface

H.W. Yeom, I. Matsuda, Y.-C. Chao, S. Hara, S. Yoshida, R.I.G. Uhrberg
Physical Review B (Condensed Matter) 61, p.R2417 (2000)

Device aspects of Er-doped Si structures for optoelectric interconnect applications

W.-X. Ni, C.-X. Du, K.B. Joelsson, G. Pozina, F. Duteil, G.V. Hansson
Physica Scripta Volume T 79, p.143 (1999)

Studies of Er/F doped p-i-n Si light emitting diodes prepared by molecular beam epitaxy

C.-X. Du, W.-X. Ni, G. Pozina, K.B. Joelsson, G.V. Hansson
Physica Scripta Volume T 79, p.155 (1999)

Comparison of strain relaxation in Si/SiGe/Si heterostructures after annealing in oxidizing and inert atmospheres

A. Yu. Kuznetsov, H.H. Radamson, B.G. Svensson, W.-X. Ni, G.V. Hansson, A Nylandsted Larsen
Physica Scripta Volume T 79, p.202 (1999)

Er doping of Si and Si0.88Ge0.12 using Er2O3 and ErF3 evaporation during molecular beam epitaxy:. A transmission electron microscopy study

K.B. Joelsson, L. Hultman, W.-X. Ni, J. Cardenas, B.G. Svensson, E. Olsson, G.V. Hansson
Journal of Crystal Growth 196, p.97 (1999)

Surface reconstructions of 3C-SiC(001) studied by high-resolution core-level photoemission

H.W. Yeom, Y.-C Chao, S. Terada, S. Hara, S. Yoshida, R.I.G. Uhrberg
Surface Science 433-435, p.392 (1999)

High-resolution core-level study of initial oxygen adsorption on Si(001): Surface stoichiometry and anomalous Si 2p core-level shifts

H.W. Yeom, H. Hamamatsu, T. Ohta, R.I.G. Uhrberg
Physical Review B 59, p.10413 (1999)

Perfect cellular disorder in a two-dimensional system: Si cells on the 3C-SiC(001) surface

S. Hara, J. Kitamura, H. Okushi, S. Misawa, S. Yoshida, H.W. Yeom, R.I.G. Uhrberg
Surface Science Letters 421, p.L143 (1999)

Epitaxial growth of UHV magnetron sputtered Mo thin films on MgO(001) substrates, oxygen segregation and surface reconstructions

E.B Svedberg, T.S. Jemander, N. Lin, R. Erlandsson,  J.-E. Sundgren, J. Birch, G.V. Hansson
Surface Science 443, p.31 (1999)

Electronic structure of Si surfaces, in properties of Crystalline Silicon

R.I.G. Uhrberg

EMIS Data Review Series No, 20, Ed. R. Hull, INSPEC, London, (1999)

A study of growth temperature on interface quality and luminescence of Si/SiGe multiple-quantum wells

A. Ruhm, T.P. Sidiki, W.B. De Boer, W.-X. Ni, T. Kopke, C.M. Torres
Lattice Mismatched Thin Films. Proceedings of the First International Workshop p.47 (1999)

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