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PhD Dissertations

PhD dissertations within the Materialphysics group from 1984 to 2008, when the group was renamed to Semiconductor Materials. PhD dissertations from 2009 are found here.

When available DiVA (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet) links to the thesis are added.


Henrik Pedersen

Chloride based Silicon Carbide CVD.

Opponent : Yaroslav Koshka, Mississippi State University, USA

Supervisor Erik Janzén.

DIVA - link.

Reza Yazdi

Growth and characterization of AlN: from nano structure to bulk material

Opponent : Zlatko Sitar, North Carolina State University, USA

Supervisor : Rositza Yakimova.

Diva - link.

Linda Höglund

Growth and characterization of InGaAs-based quantum dots-in-a-well infrared photo-detectors

Opponent : Sanjay Krishna, University of New Mexico, USA

Supervisor: Per-Olof Holtz.

DIVA - link.



Rafal Ciechonski

Growth and Characterisation of SiC and GaN-

Opponent : Sebastian Lourdudoss, KTH, Sweden

Supervisor: Rositza Yakimova and Erik Janzen

DIVA - link.


Morteza Izadifard

Optical Characterisation of Dilute Nitride Semiconductors and related Quantum Structures.

Opponent:  G. Yu Rudko, Institute of Semiconductors Physics, Kiev.
Supervisor: Irina Buyanova

DIVA - link.


Henrik Larsson

Growth of thick GaN layers on sapphire by hydride vapour phase epitaxy.

Opponent : Werner Seifert, Lund University, Sweden

Supervisor : Bo Monemar

DIVA - link

Mats Larsson

Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Quantum Dots.

Opponent : Jim Mertz, University Notre Dame, USA

Supervisor : Per-Olof Holtz 


Hamid Haratizadeh

Optical Characterisation og GaN/AlGaN Quantum Welll Structures.

Opponent: Tatiana Shubina, Ioffe Phsico-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Supervisor : Per-Olof Holtz

Vanya Darakchieva

Strain-related structural and vibrational Preoperties of group-II nitride layers and Superlattices.

Opponent: Oliver Ambacher, Technical University Ilmenau, Germany

Supervisor : Bo Monemar

Fredrik Karlsson

Spectroscopic Studies of InGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Dots and Wires.

Opponent : Manfred Bayer, Dortmund Universität, Germany

Supervisor : Per-Olof Holtz

Chariya Virojanadara

Studies of Surface and Interface Properties of 4H-SiC/SiO2.

Opponent: Ulf Karlsson, KTH, Sweden

Supervisor:  Leif Johansson

Nguyen Quec Thinh

Optically Detected Magnetic resonance Studies of Intrinsic Defects in Dilute Nitrides and SiC.

Opponent : Marek Godlewski, Polish Academi of Science, Warsaw, Poland

Supervisor : Weimin Chen


Liutauras Storasta

Electrically active defects in 4H-SiC.

Opponent : Kimoto, Kyoto Univeristy, Japan 

Supervisor : Erik Janzen

Fredrik Carlsson

Spectroscopic studies of irradiation induced defects on SiC.

Opponent :

Supervisor :

Hisaomi Iwata

Stacking faults in SiC.

Opponent :

Supervisor :


Örjan Danielsson

Simulations of SiC CVD.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Erik Janzen

Mattias Wagner

Magneto-optical characterization of deep-level defects in SiC and GaN.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Erik Janzen

Henrik Jakobsson

Structural investigation and lateral growth of SiC crystals.

Opponent : Marek Skowronski, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA

Supervisor : Erik Janzen


Jie Zhang

CVD growth and material quality control of SiC.

Opponent : Roland Rupp, SiCED, Erlangen, Germany

Supervisor : Erik Janzen

Urban Forsberg

CVD growth of SiC for high frequency applications.

Opponent : Cristian Brylinski, Thales, France

Supervisor : Erik Janzen

Per-Anders Glans

Electronic structure of some SiC and Be surfaces.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Leif Johansson


Somrit Wongmanerod

Spectroscopic Studies of Doped GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wells in the High carrier density Regime.

Opponent :

Supervisor: Per-Olof Holtz


Mikael Syväjärvi

High Growth Rate Epitaxy of SiC: Growth Process and Structural Quality.

Opponent : Robert Davis, North Carolina State University, USA

Supervisor : Rositza Yakimova

Tryggvi Egilsson

Bound Exciton in Silicon Carbide.

Opponent :

Supervisor :

Alexandre Ellison

Silicon Carbaide Growth by High Temperature CVD techniques.

Opponent : Matsunami, Kyoto University, Japan

Supervisor : Erik Janzen

Joakim Dalfors

Photoluminescence studies of the electronic structure in some III-V quantum structures.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Per-Olof Holtz


Carl Hemmingsson

 Deep Levels in Electron Irradiated and As-grown SiC Power Device Material.

Opponent : Gerhard Pensli, Erlangen University, Germany

Supervisor : Erik Janzen 

Johan Hammersberg

Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of InGaAs and InAsP Semiconductor Quantum Wires.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Helge Weman


Thomas Lundström

Theoretical and Optical  Investigation of some III-V based Quantum Wells and Modulation Doped Heterostructures.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Per-Olof Holtz

Marko Tuominen

 Growth and Structural Characterisation of Silicon Carbide Crystals.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Erik Janzen

Erik Sörman

The Silicon Vacancy in SiC.

Opponent : Jan Schmidt, University of Leiden, Holland

Supervisor : Erik Janzen


Christer Hallin

CVD growth and characterisation of Silicon Carbide.

Opponent : Al Burk, CREE Inc., USA

Supervisor : Erik Janzen

Anotonio Cesar Ferreira

Optical and Transport Studies of Highly Acceptor Doped GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wells.

Opponent : Erling Veje, Copenhagen University, Denmark

Supervisor : Per-Olof Holtz


Tomas Hallberg

Optical Properties of Oxygen Related Thermal Donors and Precipitates in Silicon.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Bo Monemar


Olle Kordina

Growth and characterisation of Silicon Carbide power device material.

Opponent : Jim Choyke, University of Pittsburg, USA

Supervisor : Erik Janzen


Fangping Wang

Mechanisms Responsible for the Changes of Photoluminscence Intensities in MicroWave and Magnetic Fields in Silicon and Gallium Arsenide.

Opponent : Haflid Gislason, Reykjavik University, Iceland

Supervisor : Bo Monemar


Peder Bergman

Timeresolved Studies of Radiative Recombinations in GaP and GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures.

Opponent : Jim Wolford, IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center, New York, USA

Supervisor : Bo Monemar 

Johan Svensson

Optical Properties of some Complex Defects in Silicon.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Bo Monemar


Helge Weman

Optical Studies of Excitonic Impact Ionization and Complex Defects in Silicon.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Bo Monemar

QingXiang Zhao

Application of Optical Perturbation Spectroscopy for Studies of Complex Defects and Excitons in Semiconductors.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Bo Monemar


Weimin Chen

Magnetooptical Studies of the Electronic Structure of Complex Defects in Compound Semiconductors.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Bo Monemar


Per-Olof Holtz

Optical Properties of some Complex Defects in Compound Semiconductors. 

Opponent :

Supervisor : Bo Monemar

Lennart Lindström

Some Effects of Ionizing Radiation and Annealing in silicon.

Opponent :

Supervisor : Bo Monemar

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