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Following 2008-02-02 a Web-registration interface called webreg has to be used to register for labs at IFM.

You'll find the new webreg login page at https://webreg.ifm.liu.se/

Information for students

New students are granted access to IFM's computer systems one workday
after registration on an IFM course (semester registration only is not

How To

  •    Log in using the same username and password as for other computer systems at LiU.
Now a list of courses and the different items of these that it is possible to sign up for.
  • Click on the link for the item you wish to sign up for.
  • Type in your username, and potentially your lab-partners username, in the entry-field for the group that you wish to join.

I can't log in!

New at IFM:

You need to register to an IFM course and wait at least one workday.
Verify that you have access to IFM:s system , by logging in on site.
If there seems to be a password problem, try changing your LiU password. IFM will be updated the following day.
Contact webmaster@ifm.liu.se  if those things fail.

I can't find my course when I log in

Webreg might require you to be registered to a course before you
can sign up to activities in it. Read above regarding registrations.

Also, the signup deadline might have passed. Contact an assistant
if you've missed the signup deadline.

Information for course staff

Why can't I access the courses I work for?

Webreg uses the course database for granting access to examiners
and course assistants.

Information in the course database can be updated by the course's examinar, the division's director of undergraduate education or as last resort, webmaster@ifm.liu.se

Responsible for this page: Lise-Lotte Lönndahl Ragnar
Last updated: 10/17/08