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Individual curriculum

The individual curriculum must be drawn up within one month after the student has been admitted to doctoral studies. The curriculum is a "dynamic document" that will be revised successively during the period of study.

Excerpt from the regulations (http://regelverk.liu.se/lok_reghb/5_forskutb/forskutb.html):
For every doctoral student, an individual curriculum will be drawn up. The individual curriculum will be approved of by the faculty board in consultation with the doctoral student and his or her supervisor.

The individual curriculum includes a schedule of the student's doctoral studies, an account of the student's and the faculty board's commitments during the student's doctoral studies, and other information that ensures that the student can efficiently pursue his or her doctoral studies.

At least once a year, the individual curriculum is followed up by the faculty board. At the follow-up, the doctoral student and his or her supervisor will inform the faculty board of the progress of the doctoral studies. The faculty board can at that point, or when required, make necessary changes in the individual curriculum. The period of study may only be extended for particular reasons, such as sick leave, military training, commissions of trust within a union or student organization, and parental leave. Before any changes to the individual curriculum, the doctoral student and his or her supervisor must be given an opportunity to express their opinions.

The doctoral student and his or her supervisor must certify in writing that they are familiar with the individual curriculum and any changes that are made to it (Higher Education Ordinance, chapter 9, paragraph 8).

Drawing up a curriculum

The main supervisor and the doctoral student will draw up an individual curriculum for the student's doctoral studies. This must be done within one month after the student has been admitted. In the individual curriculum, the commitments of the doctoral student and the department are clearly stated.

The individual curriculum must include the following information:

  • the doctoral student's personal data, doctoral-studies subject, the main supervisor, the assistant supervisor(s) and mentor
  • the doctoral student's form of employment
  • projected coursework
  • the status of the doctoral student's pedagogical training
  • the scope and direction of the doctoral students's departmental duties during the period of study-administrative, teaching, or other
  • a short account of projected research assignment/focus
  • the nature and extent of direct supervision
  • a statement that says that there is a suitable workspace for the doctoral student
  • a placement strategy regarding research projects

The individual curriculum is signed by the doctoral student, the main supervisor, the assistant supervisor or supervisors, the mentor and the prefect. The original document is filed by the department. Copies are submitted to the doctoral student, the main supervisor, and the assistant supervisor or supervisor(s).

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Guidelines for follow-up of the individual curriculum

The doctoral student's progress is continuously followed up by the supervisor. At least once a year, the doctoral student, the supervisor, the assistant supervisor or supervisors (if any), and mentor should meet to follow up and revise the individual curriculum. At the follow-up meeting, please use the same form as when the individual curriculum is drawn up.

Suggested checklist for an individual-curriculum follow-up meeting:

  • that the student is following his or her coursework schedule
  • courses/credits that the student has passed the past year
  • pedagogical training
  • that the student is following his or her research-work schedule
  • publications the past year
  • supervision
  • conferences, collaborations, and so forth the past year
  • teaching, administration, or other departmental duties

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