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Once all requirements are met for the presentation, the supervisor should contact a suitable opponent to determine the date. The seminar is normally held during the semester.

NOTE: You must have passed the courses Scientific Methods and Research Practice, Part 1 and 2 (total 6hp) and Science Education for Doctoral students (3hp) (refers to teaching PhD students) before the presentation of your lic (regardless if you will continue to doctor or if you stop at lic) . Also note that all courses must be completed before the presentation. Inform your administrator in very good time.
Also, see http://www.lith.liu.se/forskarutbildning/licentiatseminarium?l=en for more detailed information!

In very good time, 3-6 months before the defense

  • Book date for the seminar with registrar Lena Martinsson (two-six months before seminar)
  • Book room on https://mrbs.ifm.liu.se

Two months before the seminar

No later than three weeks before the presentation

  • The thesis must be available in printed form and delivered to E -Press. The seminar will be added to Liu's resp. IFM’s calendar (done by your administrator).
  • Distribute a number of copies of Your thesis to:
    • Ulf Karlsson, Prefekt
    • Kenneth Järrendahl, Proprefekt
    • Magdalena Svensson, Proprefekt
    • Per-Olof Holtz, Forskarstudierektor
    • Stefan Klintström, Forskarstudierektor
    • Lena Martinsson, IFMs registrar: 3 copies (one will be send to FUN)
    • Library: 3 copies
    • Opponent, mentor: 2 copies
    • Forum Scientium, Anette Andersson: 5 copies (only if You are connected to Forum)
    • Agora Materiae, Karina Malmström: 1 copy (only if You are connected to Agora)  

As soon as possible after the presentation

Attach original “Intyg för licentiatexamen” and a “Ladokutdrag UT90” and send together with the diploma application to “Examensenheten” in Hus Terra. The certificate is issued in both Swedish and English version

Continuing Your postgraduate studies?

Are You admitted to the licentiate degree, and You and Your supervisor wants you to proceed to a PhD? Then Your supervisor has to submit a new proposal to IFM Department Board. If IFM Department Board approves the proposal You must submit a new application for the PhD program, by choosing the form called “Doktorandanställning till doktorsexamen” and leave to Lena Martinsson, http://www.ifm.liu.se/intranet/institutionshandboken/forms/anst_forslag/

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Last updated: 08/14/17