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DISSERTATION – faculty routines


All information regarding preparations, printing, application and so on is available here, including a checklist. If You have any questions please contact Maria Mitradjieva at FUN, maria.mitradjieva@liu.se

Special checklist IFM

In very good time, 4-6 months, before the defense

  • Book date and time for dissertation with PhD-coordinator Lena Martinsson, IFM (room F312).
  • Book room for defense Via Lokalbokningen 1330@liu.se and check if Compton is available for the committee meeting after the defense (contact Your department administrator or book via https://mrbs.ifm.liu.se or use Microsoft Outlook or Lisam to book rooms after the 1st of July. )

  • When You send Your application to Maria at FUN, please also email cc to lena.martinsson@liu.se (for IFM registration and internal information)

Seven to eight weeks before the dissertation (four weeks before the nailing)

  • As you hand in your final version to the printing office, you are officially available to the job market. This makes it possible for you to register at "Arbetsförmedlingen" as job hunter.
  • Contact Lena Martinsson and make an appointment when You can leave her the 3 copies of Your thesis to recieve the IFM receipt for hammer and nail. Please also distribute Your thesis within IFM to the following persons (the total number below can be compared with the facultys “requisite number of copies” on how many copies of Your thesis You need to distribute at IFM):
    • Mattias Severin, Prefekt
    • Magdalena Svensson, Proprefekt
    • Iryna Yakymenko, Forskarstudierektor
    • The head and relevant professors at the division for the scientific area that You belong to (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Material Physics, Applied Physics or Theory and Modeling)
    • Forum Scientium, Anette Andersson: 8 copies (only if You are connected to Forum)
    • Agora Materiae, Karina Malmström: 3 copies, one of which is pierced (only if You are connected to Agora)
    • Opponent and examination committee (including back-up): 5 copies
    • Co-workers, collaboration partners, relatives, copies outside of Planck at Your dissertation etc – ask Your supervisor how many!

One-two weeks before the dissertation

  • Prepare the room for your defense. For example, contact LiU-IT for preeparation of the AV-system in Planck, https://old.liu.se/insidan/it?l=sv. Load your presentation onto the computer and run your slides for the presentation. Adjust the scene lights and save your settings. Save an extra copy on the computer in Planck (just in case ….)
  • If you haven't already, have your portrait photo taken in the IFM photo studio. This will be used for your defense announcement and in the PhD picture wall in Jordan-Fermi.

After the public defense

  • Apply for Your diploma in Studentportalen/Ladok, more information can be found at https://www.student.liu.se/examen/forskarexamen?l=en
  • You have the opportunity to participate in a doctoral ceremony after your doctoral diploma is issued. More about what the ceremony means can be found at Linköping University's homepage about Akademiska högtider .
    Hats for the ceremony: You may borrow a hat at the department (contact Lena Martinsson) or rent at the faculty (contact Marie Fredsberg Lindström, 0706-521802).

Responsible for this page: Iryna Yakymenko
Last updated: 10/03/19