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Graduate education at IFM

The Board of Graduate Education (forskarutbildningsrådet) at IFM is responsible for the graduate curriculum as well as department specific rules and regulations of graduate studies. The board is chaired by the director of doctoral studies, and, in addition, it includes researcher and student representatives. The student representatives are appointed in consultation with the doctoral student reference group.

IFM is also host department for the doctoral programmes Forum Scientium, which is a multidisciplinary doctoral programme within the area of natural sciences, technology and biomedicine, and Agora Materiae, which is graduate school within material science. 

You are of course most welcome to contact any member of the board with your concerns about graduate education at IFM, and we encorage you to fill out a feedback survey after each course completion.

Board Chairman and Director of Graduate Studies

Iryna Yakymenko
Theoretical Physics
013-28 89 47

Members of the Board

Per Eklund
Material Sciences
013-28 89 40

Hanne Lovlie
013-28 66 81

Caroline Brommesson
Agora Materiae
013-28 13 39

Stefan Klintström
Forum Scientium
013-28 27 09

Student Representative

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Last updated: 03/15/21