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Principles of Materials Science (TFYA95)

This course was previously entitled as "Fundamentals in Materials Science", with a course code TFYA77


Materials science is a fusion of multidisciplinary knowledge since 1980s, and covers a wide range of scientific and engineering aspects.  This is an advanced course to deal with important knowledge in materials science in connection to chemistry physics. It is a new course, still in the development stage, with an attempt to provide students an interdisciplinary foundation of the quantum theory, solid-state chemistry, thermodynamics and kinetics, with relevant mathematical tools and many application examples in materials science, in order to facilitate further studies and understand the inter-relationship among microscopic structures, preparation techniques, and properties of various materials, in particular solid and molecular materials in bulk, thin film, and nano-scale form. 

Following the course, the students are expected to:

  • get insight of matters from individual atom, interatomic bonding, to crystalline periodic structure, with a quantum mechanic description.
  • understand how the structure dictates the property of various materials at both microscopic and macroscopic levels.
  • to explain mass action and phase transformation processes of solid materials based on both thermodynamic and kinetic considerations.
  • learn physics and chemistry behind some commonly used methods for materials synthesis and growth, and how the preparation technique affects the structures and properties of the material.
  • be be able to design a process to prepare (synthesize or grow) the desired material, and calculate the synthesis (growth) rate using kinetic equations of the corresponding chemical reaction.


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