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Course codes: TFYA60 and 93FY41 and 93FY47

The goal of the course is to give the students basic knowledge in astronomy and an introduction to geophysics. The course gives an overview of our place in the universe and reflects today's knowledge against an historical background. The following topcs are covered: (1) Properties of the solar system, its members, formation and evolution; (2) The Sun, our nearest star; (3) Properties of stars, their birth, life and death; (4) Our galaxy, the Milky Way. Other galaxies, groups and supergroups of galaxies; (5) Cosmology and early universe.

The course Astronomy och Geophysics is given for the programs CYYY, KFYN, CYYI and CDPU (TFYA60) and "Ämneslärarprogrammen" where it constitutes a part the courses 93FY41 and 93FY47. The course will be given in english. If you plan to take the course as a separate course, you should use the code TFYA60.

The course is given as a lecture series and we also hope to do some practical astronomical observations if the weather allows. The web-based system LISAM will be used in this course.

Course schedule

The course will be given in period Ht2 (2/11-20/12).

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