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TFYA41 Thin Film Physics (2016)


The Thin Film Physics course (TFYA41) is offered to students attending the Masters in Physics (MFYS), Materials Physics and Nanotechnology (MPN) and Y study programs. The course, by building upon prior basic knowledge in the fields of crystallography, thermodynamics, material science and solid state physics, seeks to make the students familiar with the fundamental mechanisms and basic processes during/used for synthesis of thin films.


  1. Vapor condensation and absorption
  2. Surfaces and surface diffusion
  3. Epitaxy and growth modes
  4. Thin film nucelation and coalescence
  5. Homoepitaxial and heteroepitaxial growth
  6. Growth and microstructure evolution of polycrystalline films
  7. Generation and evolution of mechanical stresses in thin films
  8. Methods for synthesis of thin films from the vapor phase

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Last updated: 01/29/16