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TFYA37 Soft Condensed Matter Physics

6 ECTS credits


To give understanding of the statistical physics of polymers, the chemical, geometrical and electronic structure of polymers as well as the structure, dynamics and processing of polymer solids. To give knowledge of soft condensed matter in the form of colloids, amphiphiles, liquid crystals, molecular crystals and biological matter. To provide knowledge base for work with advanced functional polymers for example in the area of polymer electronics. After the course, the student should be able to

  • describe the geometry of polymer chains and their dynamics, and the mathematical description of these phenomena
  • utilize thermodynamical analysis of phase transitions in polymers and polymer blends
  • describe micro and nanostructure of polymer solutions and polymer blends
  • describe amphiphile materials, colloids, foams and gels, liquid crystals



Lectures, seminars and problem classes.

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