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Course litterature

Reading instructions for the different chapters.

Comments concerning Physics of Condensed Matter, part 1.

This refers to the eighth edition of Kittel

The course comprises the content of Chapters 1-9, 20 and 21 in C Kittel with the following additional comments
ALL of the content of chapters 1-9, 20 and 21 are included except some parts of the chapters which are omitted or read through once, see the remarks below

Read through once:  R
Omitted sections:  O

Chapter 1

Sections Direct Imaging - Random Stacking and Polytypism on pages 18 -19.      R

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

The derivation on p 53-56,  R
Sections Hydrogen bonds - Atomic Radii on pages 70-72.   R
Section  Analysis of Elastic Strains on pages 73-85.     O

Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

Sections General Results for D(w) on pages 117-119 and Thermal Conductivity on pages 121-122.    R

Chapter 6

The derivation of Cv on pages 142-144.  R

Chapter 7

The Kronig-Penney Model, pages 168-169 and 174-175 is not treated in the lectures.This model is treated in one of the laboration occations and should be studied before, and discussed at the laboration occasion. 

Chapter 8

Section Physical derivation of hdk/dt =F on page 193-194.  R
Section  Silicon and Germanium on page 202.  R
Sections Thermoelectric effects--Superlattices on pages 214-217.  R

Chapter 9

Sections Weigner-Seitz method--Pseudopotential Method on pages 236-242.   R
Section Experimental Methods in Fermi Surface studies on  pages 242-251.   O

Chapter 20

You should know the two most common types of point defects, basic mechanisms of diffusion and what a colour center in an alkali halide crystal is.

Chapter 21

You should know about the two common types of extended defects, dislocations, and of their importance for plastic deformation, i.e. the content on p 599-604.
The rest of this chapter is skipped.

Notes: It is allowed to bring the Physics Handbook during the examination, and it is assumed that you have access to it. It is allowed also to use calculator during the examination.

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