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TFFY 70, Physics of Condensed Matter, part I.

This is an introductory Solid State Physics course that should provide you a basic understanding of the structural, thermal and electronic properties of solids. The course should also provide you a basis for more specialized courses in Solid State Physics as well as Solid State Electronics and Surface Physics.


C. Kittel: Introduction to Solid State Physics (Edition Eight).

The book is available at the book stores. The same book will be used also in Physics of Condensed Matter, part II.

Course plan:

The content of the course will be presented in lectures and problem solving sessions. Included in the course are two laboratory exercises (2x4h). The written examination includes both problems to solve and theory questions.

Course content: (chapters in C. Kittel)

1 Crystal structure

2 Reciprocal lattice

3 Crystal binding

4 Phonons I, crystal vibrations

5 Phonons II, thermal properties

6 Free electron Fermi gas

7 Energy bands

8 Semiconductor crystals

9 Fermi surfaces and metals

20 Point defects

21 Dislocations

Laboratory exercises. (2x4h during weeks 48-51)
- IR-absorption, phonon assisted interband transitions.
- Band structure, Kronig-Penny and empty lattice models

Download  lab instructions, lecture notes, set of problems with some answers from "Course material"

Additional info

The tentative lecture plan is that each of the chapters 1-9 will be treated during approximately two lectures (2h each) and that one lecture will be used for  chapters 20 and 21. This leaves six hours (eight academic hours) for problems to solve and these hours will be mixed in with the lectures and spread evenly during the quarter.

Reading instructions for the different chapters are given in a separate document. 

You can also find additional useful information and links on the "Wolfram Demonstration Project"-webbpage (accessible via link from the menu to the left).

If you have any questions concerning the course you are welcome to contact me.

Ivan G. Ivanov

Phone ext: 25 32, E-mail: ivani@ifm.liu.se, Office: Fysikhuset, P320 (Pauli corridor)

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