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Protein Chemistry (NKED15)

The objectives of the course is to provide comprehensive knowledge in the following areas:

Protein chemistry, protein engineering, structure and function relationships, physicochemical properties of proteins and methodologies for characterization of proteins. After studies well learned the student will have proficiency to:

•     Identify structure motifs and from this draw conclusions regarding the structure and function of proteins.

•     Search for information from various data bases to visualize protein structures and compare amino acid sequences.

•     Draw conclusions about protein dynamics, structure and function from detailed chemical and physical properties.

•     Comprehend the fundamental mechanisms of protein folding and to have a deeper understanding of the factors determining the stability of a protein.

•     Define scientific problems within this area that can be tackled and solved by experiments.

•     Adopt a reflecting, scientific attitude to the theories and obtained experimental results.

Work in a group in a project-oriented way in the laboratory.

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