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Methods in Ecology (NBID53)


In this course, you will collaborate with teachers and colleagues in a number of ecological areas that are subject to research at the IFM divisions Ecology and the Environment, and Theoretical Biology. Doing so, you will gain knowledge in these areas and learn how to plan, perform and report on ecological experiments and comparative studies.

The course is structured in one-week modules that generally start on a Monday and end on a Friday. Each module starts with an introductory lecture and ends with a summarizing seminar and a short individually written report that is handed in the same day.

During the second week we will spend two days to visit an experimental research area (SITES) and an IM monitoring area in Småland. The costs for accomodation are paid for by the students.

All the best

Anders Hargeby, course coordinator, anhar@ifm.liu.se



Please download the document below. It contains a brief introduction to the course.

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