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Theory of Applied Ethology (NBID51)

On this page, you will only find the schedule for the course.

All further communication will be on ITS LEARNING, more info at course start.

I hope you will enjoy the course on Applied Ethology - Methods and Theory - and develop your knowledge in animal behaviour. The faculty introduction day is on the 22 August, and the day after, 23 August, we have an intro-day for all masters students of biology (schedules for these events are handed out separately). The actual ethology studies start on Monday 27 August 08.30 in room Dalton (entrance B23).   

To log in to ITS Learning, use your normal student LiU-ID. If you have not yet received your ID, go to https://www.itslearning.com/index.aspx

Choose Linköpings universitet from the dropdown menu in the log-in window to the left, and use the following account: User: Guest; Password: Abc1234

Note that password is case sensitive.

Then click on the course name (Theory of Applied Ethology-12-02) and this will take you to the homepage where you can access the current schedule and all material needed for the course. You can print out the documents for the first exercise (Sampling Practice) and look around on the site. As soon as the course has started, you will get your own personal account, which will allow you to hand in documents and be fully interactive.

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