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Nanotechnology TFYA43

Nanoteknologi TFYA43

For: Y3, Fysik, MPN,   6   hp ( 6 ECTS-points )

Advanced level



The idea of this course is to introduce the world of nano-technology to the undergraduate students at an early stage before they have been specialized in different profiles. The course should give students a broad perspective and at the same time let them learn about some very recent developments of modern science and technology. Nano scale science and engineering has started and is expected to continue to produce strategic breakthroughs in technology. Nano-science has a strong multidisciplinary nature and it is developed at   the intersection of traditional science and engineering, quantum mechanics, and most basic processes of life itself. Nano-technology encompasses how people harness the knowledge of nano-science to create materials, machines, and devices, which will fundamentally change the way that we live and work. The course has a straightforward aim to acquaint students with the whole concept of nano-science and technology, which comprises the fabrication and understanding of matter at the ultimate scale at which nature designs in molecular size. The course will explore several hot topics with strong application aspects, but it will not deal so much with details of the complicated physics, biology, and mathematics.


The course TFFY17, Modern Physics is desirable, but not compulsory.


The course is composed of two parts: lectures and a student conference for topical presentations after their own literature searching. Course language is English.

Course contents

Lectures (16x2) to cover the following 12 topics: (1) Introduction to nanotechnology - Size matters; (2) Fundamental science behind nanotechnology; (3) The tools of nano-science (tools for measuring nano-structures and tools to fabricate nano-structures); (4) Nanoelectronics and nanophotonics; (5) Sensor devices; (6) Quantum computers; (7) MEMS & NEMS; (8) Nano functional materials and carbon nanotubes; (9) Molecular electronics; (10) Bio-medical applications; (11) Environment and energy applications; (12) Society issues, nano-business, as well as perspectives and future outlook. Group meetings for the student presentation on “Nano near by you” will take place.

Lecture notes

Course Literature

  •  Lecture notes which will be available on thecourse website.
  • Reference book: "Nanotechnology - basic science and emerging technologies", M. Wilson et al (Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2002) - will be available during the course.


The final examination will be a written test.

Attending the the lectures may give bonus points on the final exam.

Examiner/Course responsible

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