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There are 6 problem assistant sessions. Each gives the solutions of some practical examples related to light propagation, light emitters (LEDs and lasers), photodetectors (PDs and PV cells), wave guides and optical fibers, and optical modulators, etc. Participations are optional. 


There are also 3 sets of homework assignments. The solutions/answers should be completed independently within normally ~ 2 weeks.

The problem sheets .....

# Set 1 has been added (to hand in to Wei-Xin Ni, wxn@ifm.liu.se, before April 17, 2019)

# Set 2 has been added (to hand in to Laurent Souqui, lauso68@ifm.liu.se, before xxxx, 2019) 

# Set 3 has been added (to hand in to Laurent Souqui, lauso68@ifm.liu.se, before xxxx, 2019) 



Basic requirements for the homework assignment

– Allowing to discuss, but need to complete independently. Copying from others is prohabited

– Try to put down the solution steps as detail as possible

– Don't forget to write the unit at the end of solutions


The homework assignment is prefered to submit electronically by an attached pdf file.

– Only one file in the pdf format, and the file name should be  "tfya38-set#_yourname.pdf" (#=1, 2, or 3)

– Don't attach the discrete page-by-page JPG files

– One can also hand in the paper version during the lectures, or leave it either in my mail-box in the IFM mail room or in my office directly



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Last updated: 04/03/19