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The course examination is fulfilled after reaching at least one of the two following goals:  

  • KTR1: 15 on-site quiz tests (during the first 5 minutes of each lecture). If all are approved, it gives grade 3 .  
  • TEN2 (4 ECTS): Approved written examination, for grade 3, 4 and 5. 

In order to get 6 ECTS as the course credit, one has to fulfill another two compulsory assignments

  • UPG1 (1 ECTS): Minimum approval of 80% of all the homework problems, upon the requests of the course assistant.
  • LAB2 (1 ECTS): Participation and completion of two laboratory exercises   

Note: 6 ECTS credits would only be awarded after completion of all course aasingnments (TEN, UPG and LAB) 

Coure examiner: Professor Wei-Xin Ni (wxn@ifm.liu.se)

Examination dates and room

  • Examination:  May 30, 2018  (The sigh-up period:  April 30 - May 20, 2018)

Undergraduates: xxxx, yyyyyy.

PhD students: xxxx, zzzzzz.


  • First re-take:  Aug. 21, 2018  (The sigh-up period:  July 22 - Aug. 11, 2018)
  • Second re-take:  Jan. xx, 2019  (The sigh-up period:  Dec. xx-Dec. xx, 2019)

Responsible for this page: Wei-Xin Ni
Last updated: 03/08/18