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Optoelectronics (TFYA38)


The overall aim of this course is to give fundamental knowledge of optoelectronic devices and fiber optics in order to be able to understand present and future technologies for applications in optical communications, detector/sensor/imaging techniques, as well as energy conversions that are highly interesting and have a big impact to the society and human life, due to world-wide demands of energy saving and new energy production to meet the challenges of sustainable development. After completing this course, students are expected to do the following:

  • Know various physical processes of optoelectronic transition, and be able to employ basic relations between material optical properties and devices in optoelectronics.
  • Define the principles of functioning of most important optoelectronic devices.
  • Explain and implement the equations, which determine main input/output characteristics of optoelectronic devices and optical fibers.
  • Apply the knowledge of different optoelectronic components to solve problems mainly in the physics and technical areas.
  • Analyze operational modes of photonic devices, in order to select suitable type for given applications.
  • Understand the interconnections between device design, mode of operation and input characteristics, and the overall efficiency of optoelectronic devices and signal transmission.
  • Calculate parameters and design simple systems for optical communication or energy conversion.



The course consists of a total of 60 hours, including 16 lectures, 8 tutorials and group meetings, and 2 laboratory exercises of 6 hours each.

The lectures will deal with theory, equations and concepts needed for the basic understanding of optoelectronic components and systems. There will be a quiz test during the first 5 min of each lecture to examine the knowledge of basic concepts studied in the preceding lecture. The tutorials consist of exercises from the main textbook.

Homework assignments are compulsory and will be given out after every finished lecture block  with a fixed deadline for hand in, normally ~2 weeks.


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