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The examination will be on the lecture material.
Handouts from individual lectures will be available on the web page "Material (protected)" shortly after the lectures (a link is given in the menu to the left).
Magnus Odén´s lectures cover certain chapters of the following book:
”The Science and Engineering of Materials” by D.R. Askeland (fifth edition).
Preliminary list of chapters which will be covered during class:
4-3 6-2 – 6-4 8-1 – 8-2 10-1 – 10-7 11-1 – 11-4 12-1 – 12-4 13-1 – 13-3 
Suggestions by Niclas Solin and Anke Suska will follow.

Övrig litteratur

  • Check on the web page "Material (protected)".

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