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Applied Optics (Tillämpad Optik) 6hp

The course objective is to give a physical background to linear optical properties of materials, to describe how they can be measured and analyzed with modern techniques and to give examples of how they can be utilized in measurement methods and sensor systems. Application examples will be chosen both from the life science area (protein layers, biosensors) and from solid state physics of device-related materials with the ambition to illustrate ongoing research and development in university and industry. More specifically the course treats determination of optically related materials properties like refractive index, optical band gaps, etc, as well as determination of microstructure like thickness of thin films and analysis of multilayered systems, materials composition, porosity, and more. In the applications part we will study biosensors and chemical sensors based on surfaces, thin films and optical read-out. The ambition is to provide knowledge in optics on a level sufficient to understand results from ongoing research in the corresponding areas and also to prepare for industrial applications. 

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