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Biomätteknik / Biological Measurements

Aims and objectives: 

The objectives of the course is to provide comprehensive knowledge in the following areas: Measurable properties of biomolecules, light spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, calorimetry, surface plasmon resonance, fundamental principles for separation based on macromolecular mobility in centrifugal- and electrical force fields as well as direct forces. Furthermore, comprehensive knowledge will be provided regarding applications of these methods within clinical and biomedical analysis, both functional and qualitative. After studies well learned the student will have proficiency to:

  • Understand and explain the theory behind the methods that are explained in the course.
  • Describe areas of application as well as advantages and limitations with the different methods.
  • Analyze, evaluate and draw conclusions from results obtained with the methods treated in the course.
  • Propose methods and strategies for studies of specific questions within biochemical and biomedical analysis, and communicate these proposals in novel contexts.
  • Investigate laboratory techniques and practice some of the methods treated in the course.

Course contents: 

  Different optical methods for the study of biological systems, such as UV, IR, FT-IR, circular dichroism (CD) and fluorescence spectroscopy, calorimetric methods, surface plasmon resonance (SPR), and the fundamental principles for separation by macromolecular mobility in centrifugal and electrical fields, such as electrophoresis, sedimentation analysis and mass spectrometry. The laboratory exercises will include practice or demonstration of a majority of the techniques treated in the lecture course. 

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