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For the laborations the class will be divided into groups with ~4 students/group. A schedule for the laborations will be handed-out during the course. Each group will complete all of the eight laborations listed below.

Laboration    Description    Approximate duration
1   XRD   8 h
2   XPS + AES   3+3 h
3   SEM + EDX   4+4 h
4   ED   6 h
5   TEM   6 h
6   Ellipsometry   4 h
7   LOM   6 h
8   Nanoindentation   4 h

Before the laboration

Prepare by studying the laboration compendium in advance. Write down answers to the pre-lab questions, and also your own questions that are still remaining after you have read the compendium. Bring these notes to the lab.

During the laboration

Ask the lab assistant to explain if there is something that you have not understood in the lab compendium.

Take notes during the laboration. Write down what instrument you are using, the instrumental settings, what kind of detector are you using, etc. Also, make notes on what phenomena you are observing, for which material, and why.

In particular, make detailed notes when analyzing the sample which is specific for your lab group, since the scientific report will be based on this.

After the laboration, ask the lab assistant to sign your lab book, including a date.

After the laboration

Summarize all information you obtained for your own sample. What instrument were you using, what settings, what did you observe, what conclusions could you make. Include data (pictures, graphs, tables, etc.) collected during the laboration, and write a few sentences to explain what is seen in each image, etc. This will be very valuable when you start writing the scientific report.

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