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The examination consist of a project, seminars and a debate. The project consist of a case where effects on biodiversity of various activities should be identified and evaluated. The project is presented in a written report and also at a seminar. At the seminar, the student should also criticize the other projects at the course.

In parallel with the project there are a series of seminars based on primary scientific literature that is connected to the project. The course ends with a debate that is presented orally and in text.

The written examination consist of a "home exam". A home exam allows you to use all available resources to answer a number of questions. The written answers have to be individually answered and plagiarinism from other students and other texts is not allowed.

Other parts are a debate consisting of opposing standpoints of selected standpoints. The exam consists of a document and a discussion between opposing standpoints. Literature seminars are another important part of the course.

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