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Sem   Week          Introduction        Seminar      Conclusion

1        5        Jan.29th ODEN   Jan.31st HU         Jan.31st HU

2        7        Feb.12th ODEN   Feb.14th IFM       Feb.14th ODEN

3        9        Feb.26th ODEN   Feb.28th HU        Feb.28th HU

4        11      Mar 11th ODEN   Mar.13th IFM      Mar.13th ODEN

5        15      Apr.8th ODEN     Apr.10th IFM       Apr.10th ODEN

6        17      Apr.22nd ODEN Apr.24th HU        Apr.24th HU

7        19      May 6th ODEN     May 8th IFM        May 8th ODEN

8        21      May 20th ODEN May 22nd HU       May 22nd HU

The seminar titles, speakers and session chairmen will be announced at a later date

Seminars will take place at 15.00-16.00

Seminars will take place alternatively at the Health University Campus or at IFM

Each seminar will be followed by a conclusions session. For the seminars held at IFM, the conclusion session will take place in ODEN at the end of the seminar

Information on specific seminars is regularly updated at the following URL: http://people.ifm.liu.se/stekl/lss.htm

All Introduction sessions will take place in ODEN between 15.15-17.00

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