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Immunological Techniques (NBID35)

Course information

A detailed schedule is accessible under headline "Schedule".

Please make sure to attend the first lecture, January 17, at 10.15 am in lecture hall xx for registration!!

The course will include three different immunological techniques:
Western blotting; 2 lectures, 1 seminars and 2 lab
ELISA; 1 seminar, 2 labs
Immunohistochemistry; 1 lectures, 1 seminar, 4 labs

All seminars and laboratory exercises are compulsory and presence lists will have to be filled in at each occasion!

The course literature constitutes of  scientific articles, laboratory manuals produced at the department of biology and lecture notes.

The course examination will include an approved laboratory course (2 ects), a final seminar with oral presentation and discussion (1 ects), and an approved written report (3 ects).
Further information about the design of the written report can be found below in "Final seminar instructions".

 Teachers at the course: Jordi Altimiras (JA), jordi@ifm.liu.se , Johan Edqvist (JE), johed@ifm.liu.se (examiner), Markus Jöngren (MJ), Patrik Karlsson (PK), milton@ifm.liu.se , Cornelia Spetea-Wiklund (CS-W), corsp@ifm.liu.se, Lan Yin (LY), lanyi@ifm.liu.se, Thomas Östholm (TÖ), thoos@ifm.liu.se, Agneta Johansson, agnjo@ifm.liu.se (course administrator)

For further course description, see headline "Course syllabus"

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