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Sprogø, Denmark

Aquatec 2446 pinger

For both the position at 100m and 400m from the pinger significantly more DPM/h were recorded during the OFF period when compared to the ON period. 

Additionally, a significant difference was found in the median for DPM/h when comparing position 100m with 400m from pinger.

Significantly more DPM/h were recorded at 100m from the pinger during the ON period when compared to the 400m ON period, whereas no significant difference was found between 100m OFF and 400m OFF period


Kullaberg, Sweden

Banana pinger

A significant difference was found when comparing the ON and OFF DPM/h of all three positions.

Significantly less DPM were recorded 0m from pinger both during the ON and OFF period when compared to position 100m from pinger as well as to position 400m from pinger.

Significantly less DPM for both ON and OFF were also recorded for position 100m from pinger when compared to position 400m from pinger. 



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Last updated: 05/19/17