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Activity of Dm-dNK enzyme

Enzymatic Assay

The total thymidine phosphorylating activity was determined in the brain, skeletal muscle, heart, liver, kidney and spleen of 1 month, 3.5 months and 5 months old mice using [methyl-3H] thymidine.

The result shows that, in 1 month old mice, there is an increase in dThd phosphorylating activity in the Dm-dNK+/- positive mouse samples as compared to the dThd phosphorylating activity (that is a result from TK1 and/or TK2 activity) in the wild-type mouse samples. It was observed that the enzymatic activity was higher in the skeletal muscle, brain and kidney when compared to the heart and liver samples.

Enzyme activity determined as [3H]Thd phosphorylation (pmol dTMP/mg/min) in extracts of brain, heart liver, skeletal muscle, spleen and kidney of wild-type and Dm-dNK positive mice that were 1 month old mice.

A high dThd phosphorylating activity was observed in skeletal muscle and kidney in samples from 3.5 months old Dm-dNK+/- positive mice. There was no difference in enzyme activities between the Dm-dNK positive mice and the wild-type mice in 3.5 months old mice brain samples or any analyzed tissues from 5 month old mice.

Estimated activity of Dm-dNK determined as [3H] thymidine phosphorylation (pmol dTMP/mg/min) in extracts of brain, skeletal muscle and kidney samples of 1 month (1M), 3.5 months (3.5M) and 5 months (5M) old wild-type and Dm-dNK positive mice.

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