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When I was working in field I lived in the town Gülnar together with my co-worker in field, Burcu Yeşilbudak. We lived in a hotel for teachers, which were working in Gülnar but lived in larger cities. I shared room with a turkish tearcher who didn't know that many english words. There were only a few people in Gülnar who knew that much english that I could talk to them. To make myself understood to people was a major difficulty, but during my stay I picked up a few turkish words.

Since the people in Gülnar weren't that accustomed to foreign people, I became somewhat of a celebrity in Gülnar. I went to two different schools with the official explanation that the pupils should talk in english with me, but I think it was more to show me up. When I came to the schools the pupils became crazy, everyone wanted to talk to me (although I had difficulties to understand their english) and they were dragging my clothes to get my attention, asking for my msn-username. It was very fun to visit the schools but I got very tired afterwards.

Me and Burcu were invited to the hotel cleaners home for dinner one night. That was very exciting. During that night I got a glimpse into an ordinary life of the turkish people. That was very interesting and fun.

Main street in Gülnar
View from my balcony
Dinner at the hotel cleaner's house

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