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Who am I ?

Me wondering around Portuguese streets...

My name is Pierpaolo Di Giminiani. I am an Italian student here at Linköping University. I grew up in a small town on the Adriatic coast. I guess my interest towards natural science first arose when I was a child living in the countryside. I was exposed to a very big variety of ecosystems ranging from the coastal to the alpine one. The town where I grew up is in fact located 5 minutes from the sea and 40 minutes from the mountains, on top of a hill surrounded by green valleys.
After high school  I moved to California, where I did my undergraduate studies at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). It was after the end of college that I decided to move back to Europe and chose Sweden for its strong reputation on scientific awareness. So I ended up in Linköping, attending the Master Programme in Applied Biology. Through this programme I was given the opportunity to go somewhere else (yes..once more...) and chose Portugal (more specifically, the sunny, wonderful city of Porto) to work on my thesis project on refinement of rodent's anaesthesia. After coming back to Sweden from this enriching experience we'll see what will come next !!

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